REF is an Alternative Investments Fund established in the Republic of Cyprus. The Fund is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec). Fund participations are targeted strictly to professional and "well informed" investors. REF will build its portfolio in Trade Finance, investing only in the financing of the short term activities of a targeted company without any participation in the company's equity capital.

The Fund intends to participate in the full trade cycle of short-term commercial transactions by providing working capital for import financing, pre-export financing, trade receivables financing/discounting of invoices and other commercial instruments. The Fund’s portfolio will be well diversified across sectors with geographical focus in Greece, Cyprus and the European Economic Area providing exposure to the SMEs market segment.

Our Services

REF is bridging the funding gap between paying suppliers and receiving customer payments.


We aim to fund traditional factoring activities (full turnover factoring, single invoice discounting etc), as well as to supply chain finance programs with selected buyers/debtors.


We aim to empower the internationalisation of SMEs by facilitating international trade transactions.


We aim to be a strategic partner of other EU funds and become subcontracted by them to use their capital and support their mission through our portfolio.
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