Meet R.E.F. and learn more about alternative investment funds

REF is an Alternative Investments Fund established in the Republic of Cyprus. The Fund is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySec). Fund participations are targeted strictly to professional and “well informed” investors. REF will build its portfolio in Trade Finance, investing only in the financing of the short term activities of a targeted company without any participation in the company’s equity capital. 

The Fund intends to participate in the full trade cycle of short-term commercial transactions by providing working capital for import financing, pre-export financing, trade receivables financing/discounting of invoices and other commercial instruments. The Fund’s portfolio will be well diversified across sectors with geographical focus in Greece, Cyprus and the European Economic Area providing exposure to the SMEs market segment.

Registered and incorporated under the Laws of the Republic of Cyprus 

Registration Number HE 357792

Competent Authority : Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission

License Number: LPAIF43/2014

REF runs on integrated management and portfolio evaluation platforms. On boarding up to 50 professional and well-informed investors. Sound positioning in Cyprus becoming a reference for European markets.

What we do

We will create impact through financing the real economy and continuously working for the benefit or our investors.

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We aim to fund traditional factoring activities (full turnover factoring, single invoice discount etc). We shall supply chain finance programs with selected buyers/debtors.

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We intend to empower the internationalisation of SMEs. We shall provide working capital to enable them to successfully fulfil trades of greater scale internationally.

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We aim to facilitate international sale transactions. We shall screen the quality and integrity of transactions within the EU and beyond.

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We aim to be a strategic partner of other EU funds and become subcontracted by them to use their capital and support their mission through our portfolio.

Trade expression of Interest
Trade Economic Profiling
Acceptance & Investment

Screening the proposals reaching our  “Finance your trade” call and executing an initial due diligence prior further communication with the Company. Ensuring that all parties of the trade supply chain are compliant to our investment criteria and policy.


Evaluating historical data, company information and using market intelligence to accept a proposed trade to be added in our portfolio, or reject it. Assessing the opportunity in collaboration with our investment committee.

Assisting during the whole process:

– On boarding invoices,
– Communicating to all counterparties about REF’s involvement in discounting the invoices,
– Facilitating the factoring with Laiki Factors & Forfaiters.

Track record

The Fund’s Board of Directors and Investment Committee are composed by professionals with long experience in the banking, trade finance/factoring and wholesale trade/agribusiness industries and established relationships with solid and creditworthy companies.

REF runs on integrated management and portfolio evaluation platforms.

On boarding up to 50 professional and well-informed investors.

Sound positioning in Cyprus becoming a reference for European markets.

Meet Our Team


Isaak Tsalikoglou

Mr. Isaak Tsalikoglou is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience as founding partner and Director in companies active in international trading of raw materials for the agri-feed industry, fertilizers, agri-food commodities, raw materials for the plastics industry, consumer products, as well as in certification, insurance brokerage and solar energy projects. He is he graduate in Economics from Athens University and holds a Master’s Degree in Systems Analysis from the London School of Economics and Political Science and an MBA from INSEAD, France. Μr. Isaak Tsalikoglou is a Member of the Onassis Scholars’ Association.

Sophocles Parapanos

Mr. Parapanos is an experienced professional with 25 years of Debt Capital Markets, Trade Finance and Banking experience in addition to broking / facilitating transaction amongst a wide spectrum of investors. He maintains thorough knowledge of prevailing market conditions in Cyprus, Greece, South Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS. He has proven skills in facilitating / structuring / executing complex transactions in fixed income / trade finance / distressed situations. He maintains long standing relationships with Bankers, Government officials and other Professionals in Cyprus / Greece the CIS. He graduated from the Arkansas State University, USA and he obtained a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Arkansas State University, USA.

George Chatzidimitriou

George brought 19 years of Private Equity experience such as partner of SMC Group (a multi family office) and a director and senior investment manager of a Euro 250 million Private Equity Fund. He is also active investor in the dry bulk sector since 2011 and expert advisor during setup of 2 private equity shipping funds. Mr. Chatzidimitriou holds a Diploma in Electrical & Electronics engineering (University of Patras), an Masters by Thesis in Enterprise Modelling (UMIST), and an MBA (INSEAD).



Mr Kyriazopoulos has over 23 years of Wholesale Banking experience in Greece and in South Eastern Europe having worked for Greek and International banks. He has extensive experience in senior management positions in banks, as member of the Leadership Team of HSBC in Greece, heading the Commercial Banking business and of Piraeus Bank in Serbia, heading the Wholesale Banking business (Corporate, Credit, Leasing), and has been a member of various management committees in banks (Executive Board, Risk Management, Asset and Liabilities Committees). Mr. Kyriazopoulos is CEO of Lefcometal SA and also holds various Directorships in companies in Greece, active in the trading of animal feed proteins, agribusiness, chemicals. He is graduate in Government from Pantion University and holds a Masters (Econ) from the London School of Economics and Political Science.


Mr Palamides has over 25 years of experience in both Greek and multinational Banks, holding senior management positions in the fields of corporate finance and wealth management and from 2012 to 2016 the position of Assistant General Manager in Piraeus Bank S.A., Greece. He possess a broad and deep knowledge of the global financial marketplace as a member of the executive management, credit, ALCO and investment committees having the ability to manage and analyze business risks, business objectives and manage high profile client relationships. He is a qualified investment advisor licensed by the Bank of Greece. He graduated from the American International College, and holds an MBA from South Eastern New Hampshire University, USA.


Mr. Stampolis is the Managing Director of Distral S.A (Treatment, trading and warehousing of vegetable and animal proteins) and of Veolys Co. Ltd (Trading of proteins). Mr. Stampolis is also the owner of SBK Hellas (Trading of converted paper products). In the past he has worked as Financial Manager in Henkel Hellas S.A, as Financial Controller in Henkel Ecolab S.A and as Purchasing Manager in Henkel Chimika S.A. He holds an MBA from Georg August Universitaet Goettingen, Germany.